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We Deliver Intentional Dating With Real Results

The Love Vault is a revolutionary new approach to dating, flawlessly fusing the best of accessible online dating and exclusive concierge matchmaking. Unlike other dating services, we understand that love itself can’t be guaranteed, certainly not through randomly mixing and matching profiles. We’re truly passionate about making matches that last, and so we work hard to ensure quality matches rather than time-wasting meetups, and to provide honest guidance that helps our clients be successful along the way.


We Listen

Our unique approach starts with getting to know you. We pride ourselves on truly understanding you and your individual strengths so that we can help you make better connections.


We Personalize

Matching isn’t a matter of just shuffling the deck. Our dating services, from coaching to matchmaking, are specifically catered to you and your goals.


We’re Honest

Traditional matchmaking services promise the moon just for the sake of a sale. We think differently, offering realistic advice and honest expectations.

Meet AJ, your new
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Pioneering a Personalized Approach to DATING.

Our founder AJ Yunker has been dialed into the elite dating scene since 2010. Learning the ins and outs of matchmaking she has developed a unique approach to introducing her clients to the ideal match.

Working as a top sales executive at dealerships both in California and Arizona, and then later as a local real estate agent, AJ is no stranger to understanding what makes people tick. The key to her success is understanding that matching is much more than a numbers game. Before she presents options, she always listens closely to get a good read on her client.

Whether it’s the practical list of “must-haves” or the hard-to-describe gut reactions, she helps you strike the right balance in order to achieve a match that lasts. Her unique ability to understand others and a discerning eye for chemistry has led to numerous successful matches for her clients.


Our team.

Curating Experiences and Enabling Connection.
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Nicky Leon

Event Coordinator (Scottsdale AZ)

Nicky is a young entrepreneur who is constantly striving for success. She’s committed to making people the happiest version of themselves. Living an active lifestyle she keeps busy with her business as a horse trainer and riding lesson instructor. Overall, she’s organized, fire-cracker of a woman, excited to see the interactions of our members at the events she put’s together!

Meet our team

Amelia McCarty

Executive Date Consultant (Naples FL)

Originally from our Naples FL location, she grew up in and lived in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. After high school, she attended University of Florida for Occupational Therapy. Shes happily married for 17 years and has 4 beautiful kids- 29, 21, 21, 16. Shes experienced in the hospitality world with over 25 years under her belt. She view’s Naples as one of the most beautiful cities in the country with a ton of continuing opportunities. She Love’s the beach, her kids, dogs, and of course her family. She is super excited to be part of the amazing idea behind the Love Vault and cannot wait to help it grow into one of the top businesses in South West Florida!

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Krista Johnson

Date Consultant (Sarasota FL)

Krista is a single mom of two kids who she loves dearly. She has lived in Sarasota for almost a year, and loving everything that Sarasota has to offer. In addition to being apart of the love vault she run’s her own my business and absolutely love fitness and all aspects of self-help. Discovering meaningful relationships is a true passion of her’s and thrilled to be on the Love Vault team to assist those who are seeking true connection and a fabulous dating experience.

Kevin Martin

Date Consultant (Naples FL)

A young entrepreneur, avid painter and ceramicist from Port Charlotte, Florida. Kevin enjoy’s the art and helping people succeed in life and to help guide them into the right direction. With the addition of being an extrovert he enjoys being around people and having a great conversation in the process.

Pete Fasanelli

Date Consultant (Sarasota FL)

Pete is from New York City with extensive training in dramatic arts. His acting experience spans over 3 decades. He most recently appeared in the faith-based film, No Vacancy alongside Sean Young, Dean Cain and TC Stallings. Pete is excited to be a part of The Love Vault team where he can continue to make an impact on people’s lives in a positive way.

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Submit your interest.

Reserve your spot in the Love Vault by submitting a form so that we can begin the screening process.


One-on-one interview and background check.

We meet with each club applicant to ensure you’re the right fit for our elite dating club.


Receive personalized access to the vault.

You’ll be emailed your individual code to gain access to the video lounge and all attendant membership benefits.


Upload a video introducing yourself to the group.

Don’t be shy… say hello! Upload a profile video of yourself so that other singles can find you.


Browse others’ videos and chat securely.

Filter your options by gender, location, age, and more, and strike up a conversation to see if you have common interests.


Get personal consultation services and matchmaking guidance.

Looking for some extra help? Our dating consultants are passionate about helping you thrive, offering personalized coaching and matchmaking services.


Curious to Learn More? Explore Answers to Common Questions.


How much does it cost to join the love vault?

An annual membership with a match maker usually can cost anywhere from $1,500-$10,000.

How can I access additional services, such as coaching and individual matchmaking?

Please inquire on the contact us page for more information and to set up a consultation!

Will I be able to chat securely without sharing my phone number or personal information?

Yes! Each member will be able to view and message each other.

What should I expect from the screening process and interview? What will determine whether I’m a good fit or not?

Your First consultation is a one on one interview like process about your dating life involving past and present situations, they typically take 90mins.

I’m looking for something specific. Can I filter the people and videos I see?

Your date consultant can help guide you through this matching process.

How does payment work?

We take cards for you’re convenience!

If I ask for matchmaking services, will you set me up with someone right away?

Match making services take some time to find the right person to introduce you with. You never want to rush the process of finding love and we want to make sure we have your right combination of love!

What kinds of events are available for club members and VIPs?

We host 15 to about 20 events a month for our members that you can RSVP for. Each event is differentiated by the type such as a happy hour to a lock and key match up event. We also have excursions you can RSVP for to go out on an adventure with other like minded individuals  like your self!

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